Chris & Ray ClementsMy name is Chris Clements and I am pleased to meet you and share a little about who I am.

Actually, there are two of us –  there is also my husband Ray whom I have been married to for 43 years now. Ray isn’t involved with the website but he does all the important jobs on our trips like the driving and the not so nice jobs like emptying the toilet cassette, refilling the water and generally keeping everything running smoothly with the motorhome.  Without him, we wouldn’t be doing this.  We share the cooking, cleaning and route planning.

I run the blog and take the photos.  I blog about the lovely places we travel to and some of the things we have learnt along the way.

I love blogging about these travels, not only to inspire others to do the same but so we have this online record of our adventures that we can keep looking back on and reminding Ourselves of all the things we have done.

To me, travelling is all about consistently learning, growing and making connections with people.

In 2013 we went on our first 3 month trip around Europe. Ray had been made redundant so we took the opportunity to take some time off with the intention of him finding a job when we got back.  I, on the other hand, worked as a freelance market research recruiter so it was easy enough to have a break then pick up when we returned.

That trip completely changed our lives.  When we got home we realized we wanted to make travel a bigger part of our lives now and not wait until we retired.  We decided that if we were careful and if we still did some work when we were home that we could go away for 2 3 month trips a year one in the spring and one in Autumn.

At one time we considered travelling full time but we have a large family with 8 grandchildren and we just couldn’t face leaving them.  Three months at a time is bad enough and we miss them terribly.  However, we do get to facetime them while we are away and spend as much time with the children and grandchildren as possible in the summer and over Christmas when we are back.

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