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Montsoreau, France’s Hidden Treasures

Explore the timeless charm of Montsoreau, France, nestled along the picturesque Loire River. Immerse yourself in hisotry with a visit to the Renaissance chateau and troglodyte caves. Indulge in exquisite local wines and savour the tranquility of this enchanting village.

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Puy du Fou: A Spectacular Journey Through Time

Step into the enchanting world of Puy du Fou, where history comes alive through breathtaking spectacles and captivating performances. Explore this award-winning historical theme park, filled with epic shows, immersive experiences, and thrilling adventures that will leave you in awe. Discover a journey through time like no other at Puy du Fou.

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Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca, Spain – Exploring the timeless charms and captivating sights of Salamanca. A journey through history, culture and architecture.

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Edam, Netherlands

Edam is a charming Dutch town famous for its canals, historical architecture and cheese. We were captivated by the sight of the traditional Dutch houses.

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