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Lindau, Bavaria

Lindau which is a beautiful city on the edge of Lake Constance where the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Germany meet. It’s one of the lake’s most popular resort towns and is known for its scenic beauty and for having one of the prettiest harbours on the Bodensee.

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Bad Tolz, Bavaria

The last of the towns we visited in Bavaria on this Alpine Road trip was Bad Tolz. It’s a pretty little spa town straddling the Isar River. Its lovely old town has attractive frescoed houses and quaint shops. It’s a busy place to be on the weekends when people flock from Munich to enjoy the towns famous, ultramodern swimming complex, Alpine slide and hiking trips along the river.

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Oberammergau, Bavaria

Oberammergau is a picturesque fairytale village in the Bavarian Alps. It has a tradition of painting colourful murals on the facades of the houses, shops and public buildings which are fascinating to look at. All the murals are religious or fairy-tale themed.

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Mittenwald, Bavaria

Well, we didn’t think it could get any better but Mittenwald was one of our favourites.  Again it’s well known for its colourful painted houses, its charming cobbled streets and mountain landscapes. 

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Füssen, Germany

Füssen is at the end of the Romantic Strasse in southern Bavaria (or the beginning if you are travelling in the less usual direction). This 700-year-old city is such a pretty and picturesque little town with the Alps rising behind it and set between two lakes. It’s a great base to visit the nearby castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

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Wieskirche in Steingaden & Neuschwanstein Castle

The outside reveals nothing of the glorious and striking interior – You are taken aback by the amazing artistry it’s just incredible.  The ceiling is fantastic as it is an optical illusion.  It appears to be rounded but in fact it is flat.

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Landsberg Am Lech,

Landsberg is an attractive old town situated on the banks of the River Lech.  We enjoyed walking around the main square. 

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Dinkelsbuhl, Nordlingen, Donauworth – Romantic Road

Our next stop along the Romantic Road was the very beautiful walled town of Dinkelsbuehl which is about 30 miles south from Rothenburg.  Again what makes it special is its wonderful fairy-tale visions of the numerous colourful and historic half-timbered buildings and massive churches.

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Koblenz, Germany

We had a walk down their two main cobbled streets and watched the cable cars over the Rhine, browsed some of the shops and admired the architecture before cycling back to the motorhome for the evening.

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Heidelberg, Germany

The old town of Heidelberg is a nice place to stroll around and we had a really lovely day.  Its really typical of an old German town with lovely old buildings, cobblestoned streets, large squares with ancient churches, castle ruins on the hill overlooking the city and history around every corner

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Bacharach & Oberwessel, Germany

We briefly stood in front of the oldest and most famous building the “Altes Haus” (Old House) restaurant and then watched as the classic cars drove past and through the town.

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