Out of 2200 diverse 5 Van CLs in the CAMC network, there are 369 which are Simple & Reasonable Off-Grid CLs which may be “locations where you can really get away from it all” Yes and from £2.50!
Off-grid touring with the use of solar power and modern technology now allows you into a new and comfortable world gone are the days of “basic”
All CL’s provide Chemical Waste (CDP), Fresh water and rubbish bins.

There is a map & data sheet of all of the CAMC off-grid CLs here’s the map

A good Facebook group to join which has lots of resources is Caravan & Motorhome Off-Grid Group – CAMMOG

It’s a friendly group to bring together off-grid tourers, site owners and other interested parties to share their knowledge, experiences, recommendations and to help those who wish to know more about the Off-Grid experiences.