I’m so impressed with our new GPS tracker that I thought I would share my review with you.

A few months ago we were alerted by our Ring doorbell that there was motion outside our front door. Thinking it may be a parcel delivery Ray took a look outside to find a young Irish gentleman (believed to be a gipsy) looking over our back fence at our motorhome. He was surprised to see Ray approach him and started to ask questions about the van and offering various sums of money to buy it. Ray said it wasn’t for sale, but the gentleman was very persistent.

Eventually, he left, but we were concerned that he could come back another time with his mates to steal it. Although we have good security on the van, Milenco locks on both cab doors, 2 wheel locks and a security arm on the habitation door plus it is behind double-locked gates in our garden we still felt uneasy, especially as we were loading it up ready for our next trip.

I started the long process of researching vehicle trackers. Some of them seemed so expensive to have fitted and were hundreds of pounds in yearly subscriptions. Determined to find something more affordable but reliable and effective I found and purchased the 104-PRO by Rewire security.

What I particularly like about the 104-PRO tracker is the price. It’s just £20 subscription a year (a bit cheaper if you pay for two years upfront) to UK based online live tracking server GPSLive. You get a free smartphone app for apple and android.

The unit itself is solid, well-made and discreet (about the size of a block of butter). It is extremely easy to set up and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge. In fact, it is ready to use out of the box. Once it’s powered it automatically starts reporting its location and speed. The instructions are clear with excellent support from Rewire.

It comes supplied with a compatible sim card which you just need to load with £10 credit. This should last about 6 months if you are using the text service. Personally, I don’t think I will be using it as I can get all the information I want through the very intuitive GPSLive app that I downloaded to my phone or the website. Through this app or the website you can locate and track your vehicle or its history of where its been and for how long and even what speed the vehicle is doing.

Magnetic & Standalone or wired to the vehicle

You can wire it to any 12v or 24v internal vehicle supply. We have not done this yet but probably will do in the future as this allows us to cut the engine if the vehicle is stolen via a text message.

The magnet is super strong. When Ray went to place it under the motorhome, he could feel a strong force as he was trying to position it.

If not wired in it can be instantly moved from one vehicle to another.


Advanced reporting and History Tools

I really like that you can generate reports of the motorhomes activity. It records all movement history for 12 months. Being a bit of a techy geek, I love this aspect of it.

The location of the tracker is updated on the map every minute.

You can set instant alarm notifications (movement and speed)

Self Contained Battery Powered

The 6000MAH built-in battery allows up to 4 weeks live tracking and up to 3 months in deep sleep standby mode.

When you put it on the basic sleep mode which means it dozes off after 5 minutes of inactivity. A call or text to the tracker results in a quick response with GPS coordinates.

The unit comes with a 12v car charger and a mains charger.

I prefer to keep the unit on all the time, especially when we are travelling in Europe as it tracks our trip with full address and coordinates of campsites stayed at and places we may have stopped off and for how long.

It was particularly useful recently when making a health insurance claim. I was able to fill in the document with the address and time the accident happened.

If we do wire this into the motorhome, then we will be looking at buying another 104-PRO for our car. I can see it being especially useful when we leave the car in the hands of an airport parking company for a couple of weeks. In fact, we had stopped using them after all the reports in the papers about cars being left in residential streets and taken for joy rides by the employees.

Last but not least we should see a small reduction in our motorhome insurance now.