Bonterra Park, Benicassim, Spain
Valencia area, Spain
N 40° 3’ 25”  E 0° 4’28”
ACSI ID 2675

Bonterra Park campsite, Bennicasim

Bonterra Park campsite in Benicassim is one of our favourite destinations.  I think we have probably visited 5 out of the 6 trips we have done so far and if we were to stay long-term at a site this would be one of them.

It’s brilliantly situated between the beach and town.  There are lots of Brits at this site that camp here over the winter but there are lot’s of other nationalities here too.  There are a variety of different holiday bungalows dotted around the site that are perfect for visiting family.

What makes it so great? 

Bonterra Park swimming pool

Well, it has most of what we look for in a campsite.  Clean toilets/showers, nice large pitches which are surrounded by a hedge for privacy.  An outdoor and small indoor swimming pool, sports area and gym. (not that we use the gym). There are washing machines and ironing boards where we caught up on the laundry.

There is a nice restaurant/bar which is open along with the campsite all year round.  We had a lovely 3-course meal with a bottle of wine included in the menu for 11E each which is great value.  There is occasional entertainment in the bar.

The site has beautiful views of the high mountains, which help protect the town from the wind.  Stepping outside of the campsite you have a Mercadona across the road and a Lidl a short 5-minute walk to the right.  There is a bus stop behind the Mercadona that takes you to the city centre of Castellon and the port.  Turn right out of the site and you can walk into the town with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

Bonterra Park Campsite

Bonterra Park swimming pool

Bonterra Park swimming pool

Benicassim2Straight down the road opposite the site (300 metres) is the lovely sandy beach with villas lining the promenade.   The villas are beautiful colonial houses of all different designs.  Each has a plaque outside so that you can read about them and their inhabitants years ago which is really interesting. These were built at the end of the 19th and into the 20th century.  Some are now falling into disrepair, although since last year, we have noticed they are starting to refurbish them.

If you turn right out of the campsite and down to the beach you can cycle along the beach promenade for miles and miles into Castellion marina and if you are really energetic and don’t mind cycling on the road you can get into the old town.

Benicassim6From the site, we often cycle along the Via Verde, which is an old train track refurbished for walking and cycling. The track follows the coastline into the next town of Oropesa Del Mar.

The scenery is breath-taking looking out to the sea and the rugged coastline.  It is one of the best cycle rides we have ever taken.  We have cycled it several times now and don’t think we will ever tire of it.



The track goes through a couple of tunnels and cuttings through the rocks and eventually you emerge from a long tunnel to the view of a lovely marina which is at the beginning of Oropesa Del Mar.

Benicassim3The distance of the path is approx. 5.5 km.   If you cycle through the town (rather than following the headland which is a rather hilly cycle ride) you can then pick up the promenade again and cycle into the next town of Marina D’ Or (see photos of the beautiful park of Marina D’Or here).

It is a must for a cycle ride or walks if you ever visit the area.  I do believe that there is bike hire available.

Benicassim7There is a station in Benicasim town where you could get into Valencia for sightseeing or the airport within an hour.

It’s great for the kids with a water park (Aquarama) in Benicasim.

Benicassim is also the host of a big music festival every July.


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