San Sebastian campsite details here

An amazing place all over.  From architecture to ambience to the local market the tapas bars and the parks/gardens.

When we got off the bus in the Old Town of San Sebastian the first thing we came across was the handmade craft stalls lining the road next to the Plaza Gipuzkoa park.  The quality of the crafts was excellent and I could have spent a bomb on presents.  However, I didn’t because we are quite limited on space in the MH (Mainly because I always pack too many clothes and shoes, half of which I don’t get to wear).




The park is beautiful, romantic and charming right in the centre of the city. It is home to a large number and variety of trees, flowers and plants.   This is just one of the great many beautiful urban green areas in San Sebastian.

Tapas, tapas, tapas and more tapas

Parte Vieja – A Disneyland for Foodies!

We loved the old quarter’s narrow winding streets which are full of bars and restaurants.  This part of town is called Parte Vieja, which is a paradise for tapas lovers.  The bars are filled with the most unbelievable gourmet snacks you can imagine.  Just look through the bar doors and you will want to go in and sample them all – Amazing flavours everywhere.

Each place has a speciality that you have to discover. We found it was worth popping into several places – sampling something or just having a drink.  This is a fascinating part of town that gets packed with folks spilling out onto the streets eating, drinking and conversing.  The amazing pintxos/tapas bars run from end to end of the street.  It’s the perfect place to eat and reasonably priced.

The thing to do in San Sebastian is just wandering around all the bars in Parte Vieja and sample whatever looks good at each.  It’s an experience not to be missed and you will find some of the best food and wine you are likely to experience.  You just wander into the bar, select some delicious tapas which are lined up on the bar and wash it down with a Rioja wine.

It’s fun, busy and unique to this area.  It’s unlike any other food experience we’ve ever had!

One day wasn’t enough really and think we will have to go back for longer next time.






From this area we walked through the arch to the beach area. Wow!






La Concha Beach is beautiful.  It is spotlessly clean and well sheltered with soft golden sand and showers on the beach. The beach is swept every morning by a large tractor cleaner and throughout the day by caretakers.  There is a long promenade with beautiful views and plenty of seats to just sit and watch the view and everyone around you.

We have been to San Sebastian once before on a previous trip and had forgotten how beautiful it was.  We will definitely come back for longer next time we are passing through to Portugal or the South of Spain.