Bacharach & Oberwessel

We had a bit of a scare turning left into the Stellplatz as we were indicating to turn left and was halfway across the road when a car tried to overtake.   He overtook the cars waiting behind us and how he missed not smashing into the side of us I don’t know.

Bacharach campsiteOnce we turned into the stellplatz we could see it was full so had to park up on the campsite beside it. A lot of the Stellplatz in Germany are alongside campsites.  We were so pleased this one had one as we really needed to de-stress.  Once we got set up on the site which cost us 19.50 euros instead of 10 euros for the stellplatz we went up to the bar/restaurant for a drink and ended up having burger and chips to save cooking.  I must admit it was the best burger and chips we have ever had.  We sat overlooking the Rhine taking in the scenery on the balcony of the restaurant and it didn’t take long to start relaxing.


The campsite was fantastic as we were parked up overlooking the Rhine watching the watching the various boats going up and downstream. It was particularly interesting watching the River Cruise Ships.  Above us, perched on the hill, was Stahleck Castle, which is today a youth hostel.  Just a short 5-minute walk along the river was the landing stop for the River Cruises and the beautiful little medieval town of Bacharach.


The architecture was something to marvel at and we were impressed by the many overlapping timbered houses and their pointed roofs.  We briefly stood in front of the oldest and most famous building the “Altes Haus” (Old House) restaurant and then watched as the classic cars drove past and through the town.


The next day, Sunday, we cycled along the river cycle path to the next small town of Oberwessel. It was about 5 miles and was a really lovely easy flat ride.  We walked around the town then sat and had a coffee enjoying the sun and doing some of our favourites, people watching.

We managed fine for the weekend without running water (it was just like camping again – although we still had all the other comforts). we filled a small plastic bowl with water and put it in the sink in the toilet, to wash our hands and had a glass which we filled from the bowl for flushing the loo.  We filled the plastic watering can, which we always have with us now and used that to fill the kettle to boil for hot water for washing up.

Monday morning we asked reception to ring Truma for us, in case there was no one English speaking on the other end of the phone and also because whenever I dialled the number I kept getting a recorded message and could not understand what they were saying. A few days later, when trying again, I found out it was the operator and I was leaving the “00” off where the + sign was in front of the number duh!!  Anyway, the receptionist said that they were all still dismantling displays from the show and we would not be able to get it booked in until the following week.