Cologne, Germany

Cologne (Koln) is really lovely and the fourth-largest city (after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich  We got a close-up view of the UNESCO-listed cathedral (Dom), which is a very impressive building with its filigree twin spires that dominates the city skyline.  You just can’t comprehend the amount of work that went into building this cathedral.

Dom, Cologne

Dom, Cologne

Dom,-CologneUnfortunately, we didn’t see it at its best because it is covered in scaffolding as repair and restoration work is being carried out.  In the picture, you can see where one half has already been cleaned up.  We spotted the Cathedral on our way into Cologne by motorhome from some miles away. In its dirty state, it looks black and quite foreboding, especially against a dull cloudy sky.  Once the restoration work has been completed I’d love to see it again.

domIt certainly is a beautiful piece of gothic architecture. The sheer size of it is breathtaking. I just wish I could have got a better picture of it but unfortunately, it is so tall that I cut the top off.  I’ve seen pictures of it at night when it is all lit up and had we been staying longer we would have gone in at night to see it but we were moving on the next day.

There were lots of interesting shops and cafes with outdoor seating in the plaza surrounding the Cathedral and all the sights are within an easy walk.