Puy du Fou

Nestled in the heart of Vendee, France, lies Puy du Fou, an extraordinary theme park that breaks away from the traditional notion of rides and roller coasters. Instead, Puy du Fou offers a mesmerizing journey through time, where history comes to life in spellbinding shows and immersive experiences. This exceptional destination has reimagined entertainment, captivating visitors with breathtaking performances, epic tales, and awe-inspiring settings. Step into a world where the past unfolds before your eyes, and prepare to be enchanted by the sheer brilliance of Puy du Fou’s unique concept and unparalleled storytelling.

Puy du Fou is unlike any other attraction we’ve ever seen, and we are still struggling to describe just how fantastic it is.
The shows are literally ‘out of this world’ and will make you wonder how they pull off some of their amazing stunts and tricks.
All the shows we saw impressed us, and we loved them all,

We spent two days at the park, taking advantage of the very convenient motorhome parking just a 10-minute walk away. The shows were outstanding – water, fire, stunts galore – so much action it was often difficult to keep track of it all. The bird show was particularly enjoyable, but the scale of each made it hard to pick a favourite.

At times we were open-mouthed with amazement at what had just happened. Did that Viking ship really come out of the water? Did that horse? Is it really going to be flooded with water all over the stage to give it the appearance of the sea? Of course, they are.

We have spent hours since talking about how what they had done was possible. We loved the explosions, the light shows, and the pure extravaganza of the whole thing.

Gallery of Villages Within Puy du Fou

To view a bigger image, please click on the photos provided below.

There are many other things to see, such as beautiful gardens, reconstructed villages and farms, and medieval towns. Plenty of smaller shows include puppet shows, magic performances, and dancing.

The refreshing mist showers dotted around the park are perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Top tips for visiting the Puy du Fou

  • Before you go, download the app and familiarize yourself with it. It’s great for planning your day, finding out where shows will be, and listening to English translations of the main shows. 
  • Be sure to take enough devices and headphones (and headphone splitters) for everyone in the family to share. The translation app can drain your phone’s battery quite quickly, so take a portable charger if you have one.
  • Take some time the night before planning so you can relax, enjoy the shows, experiences, villages, food, and take in the beautiful surroundings.
  • If you want to avoid long lines, try eating lunch early or late, either 11.45 or 1.15 pm. Book lunch times in advance so you know you have reservations. Picnics are also allowed if you don’t want to eat full meals.
  • Don’t forget to take a raincoat and a sun hat! No matter the weather, the shows go on, and even in August, you can have torrential rain and beating sunshine simultaneously.
  • Consider booking emotion passes if you’re visiting the park in August since they almost guarantee you a seat and you can turn up to the shows 10 minutes before they start rather than queueing for an hour.

Summary of live shows at Puy du Fou

Le Signe Du Triomphe

Duration: 34 mins
Indoor show

“Le Signe Du Triomphe” is one of the captivating live shows at Puy du Fou. Set in ancient Rome, this epic performance brings the thrilling story of a brave gladiator to life. With heart-pounding battles, impressive choreography, and stunning visuals, the show showcases the determination and courage of the protagonist as he faces formidable challenges in the Colosseum. Through “Le Signe Du Triomphe,” visitors experience the grandeur and excitement of ancient Rome in a truly unforgettable way.

An electric atmosphere fills the 6000-seat replica of a Gallo-Roman stadium, and the crowd is encouraged to cheer, shout, jeer, and boo.

Les Vikings

Duration:  26 mins
Outdoor show 

In “Les Vikings,” audiences are transported to an era when fierce Norse warriors reigned. This spectacular performance depicts the bravery and fearless spirit of the Vikings in a reconstructed Viking village. “Les Vikings” reveals the world of these legendary seafarers with impressive special effects, daring stunts, and a captivating storyline.

Fort de l’An Mil is a hidden treasure, a hamlet with authentic thatched cottages inspired by First Millennium architecture. World-class equipment is hidden behind the seemingly peaceful mud-built huts, adding a touch of magic and mystique to this captivating setting by instantly bringing the stage-set features to life.

Le Bal Des Oiseaux Fantomes

Duration: 33 mins
Outdoor show 

“Le Bal Des Oiseaux Fantômes” (The Phantom Birds’ Ball) is a mesmerizing bird show that took us on a captivating journey. With stunning displays of agility and grace, trained birds performed intricate aerial choreography. Set in an ancient ruined castle, this extraordinary spectacle unfolds before a spellbound audience, showcasing the beauty and intelligence of these majestic creatures.

“This show turned out to be incredible, even though I initially didn’t think I’d miss much if I skipped it. Nevertheless, I am so glad we watched it. Sitting close to the centre aisle’s pole allows you to experience the awe-inspiring sight of Eagles, Buzzards, and Owls soaring just inches away from your head. Opt for the lower seating area if you prefer a bit more distance from the birds.

The spectacle features a giant hot air balloon releasing various birds from hundreds of feet above. Witnessing a peregrine falcon diving straight at you is truly a sight to behold.

The experience was a mix of terror and wonder, leaving us in awe. This bird show surpasses anything you’ve witnessed before; it’s grander and more remarkable. With 330 majestic birds, including eagles, falcons, vultures, kites, and owls, gracefully soaring in the sky, they create a breathtaking spectacle. The birds gracefully interact with the audience, showcasing remarkable teamwork and coordination.

After the show, you can admire the birds up close outside the grounds, so it’s best not to rush off. Tip: attending the show later in the day avoids squinting against the sun.”

Le secret de la Lance

Duration: 29 mins
Outdoor show

“Le Secret de La Lance” is a thrilling and immersive show that transports audiences to the heart of medieval France. Set in the magnificent “Grand Carrousel,” this performance unfolds the captivating tale of a young shepherdess chosen by destiny to wield the legendary Spear of Longinus. With spectacular equestrian stunts, enchanting music, and breathtaking special effects, “Le Secret de La Lance” offers an unforgettable adventure filled with courage, heroism, and the magic of medieval times.

Prepare to be amazed as “Le Secret de la Lance” unveils a myriad of surprises and exclusive special effects never seen before anywhere else in the world.

The show’s set, designed to resemble a medieval citadel, boasts a monumental 50-metre-long rampart and an awe-inspiring 18-metre-high dungeon weighing an astounding 118 tonnes! These impressive structures contribute to the show’s grandeur and immerse the audience in the magical atmosphere of medieval times.

Mousquetaire de Richelieu

Duration: 32 mins
Indoor show

Tip: Two-tier seating. Good views from both levels- but the best views are towards the centre of the stage.)

This is a good show to watch in the middle of the day to get a break from the sun

“Mousquetaire de Richelieu” is a spectacular live show set in the 17th century during King Louis XIII’s reign. This stunning performance follows the journey of a young Gascon Mousquetaire as he embarks on a thrilling adventure to protect the Crown of France. The “Mousquetaire de Richelieu” offers an action-packed, unforgettable experience filled with heroic sword fights, impressive horsemanship, and breathtaking pyrotechnics.

Mesmerizing water and majestic dancing horses enhance the captivating performances of this spectacular show.

Le Dernier Panache

Duration: 34 mins
Outdoor show

“Le Dernier Panache” at Puy du Fou is a breathtaking and emotional journey through history. As we watched the show, we were immediately transported aboard a magnificent ship, experiencing the life of a heroic naval officer during the tumultuous times of the French Revolution. The combination of powerful storytelling, impressive 3D projection mapping, and stunning stage effects brought the narrative to life in a thrilling and heart-wrenching way. We were captivated by the officer’s bravery, determination, and unwavering spirit as he faced countless challenges and personal dilemmas.

With its cutting-edge technology and colossal 360-degree track system, this innovative showpiece provides a stunning experience to 2,400 spectators.

Le Mime L’Etoile

Duration:  27 minutes
Indoor show

“L’Étoile the Mime” is a captivating and heartwarming show about a talented mime artist. Through his expressive and wordless performance, L’Étoile takes the audience on a delightful journey filled with laughter, emotions, and surprises.

With his extraordinary skills, he effortlessly communicates a range of emotions and stories, leaving the spectators enthralled and touched by the power of silent communication.

Les Chevaliers de la table ronde

Duration: 17 minutes

“Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde” at Puy du Fou is a captivating live show that transports spectators to the legendary world of King Arthur and his knights.

Set in a magnificent castle, this extraordinary performance follows the brave knights as they embark on noble quests and face formidable challenges. With thrilling sword fights, impressive horsemanship, and enchanting storytelling, “Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde” offers an immersive and unforgettable journey into the realm of chivalry, honour, and bravery.

This show had some breathtaking special effects, significantly when the round table rose from the water. (See the video below).

Walk through immersive shows

It’s hard to imagine a more unique experience than immersive shows at Puy du Fou. These shows transport visitors into meticulously recreated historical settings, allowing them to step back in time and fully immerse themselves in the era’s sights, sounds, and emotions.

In these shows, attention to detail is paramount. Elaborate sets, authentic costumes, and cutting-edge special effects create a seamless blend of reality and storytelling. Spectators are surrounded by the unfolding events, making them feel like active participants rather than mere onlookers.

Les Amoureux de Verdun

Duration: 15 minutes

Tip:  This may not be suitable for young children. The darkness and noise could be overwhelming.

“Les Amoureux de Verdun” transports audiences to the tragic events of World War I. It is a tribute to the enduring strength of love and the sacrifices made by those who fought during this turbulent historical period as “Les Amoureux de Verdun” takes place on the battlefield of Verdun with touching storytelling, mesmerizing choreography, and powerful visual effects.

The immersive walk-through experience was highly realistic and proved to be exceptionally moving for us. As we entered the trenches of the Great War, we encountered actors in French uniforms shouting as they ran past us. The sound of bombs relentlessly exploding shook the ground below us, sirens wailed, and there was a smell and feel of dampness in the air. Visitors are truly engulfed in the haunting reality of the past, providing a powerful and unforgettable journey through history. We were in an atmosphere of impending doom, surrounded by smoke.

Visitors are truly engulfed in the haunting reality of the past, providing a powerful and unforgettable journey through history.


Le Premier Royaume

Duration: 18 mins

“Le Premier Royaume” is a mesmerizing live show that recounts the epic journey of Clovis, the first king of the Franks. Set amidst the grandeur of ancient Rome, this spectacular performance follows Clovis’ rise to power, his battles, and his quest to unify the Franks under his rule. With breathtaking scenes, awe-inspiring stunts, and powerful storytelling, “Le Premier Royaume” is a thrilling and emotional adventure celebrating a kingdom’s birth and a legendary king’s legacy.

A remarkable lifelike stage setting beckons you into “Le Premier Royaume,” inviting you to experience an unparalleled sensory experience. Every element of the show was meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable performance, from the water effects to the living sets to the 3D-mapped videos and 360-degree sound. Be prepared to be captivated by this extraordinary experience’s spectacular atmosphere.

Le Mystere de la Perouse

Duration: 20 mins

“Le Mystère de La Pérouse” at Puy du Fou is a thrilling and mysterious show that delves into the enigmatic disappearance of French explorer Jean-François de La Pérouse.

With cutting-edge technology, this immersive show spans over 1,250 meters, perfectly replicating the exhilarating sensations of being on a ship out on the open sea. The tailor-designed systems bring to life the thrills and excitement of sailing, creating another genuinely unforgettable experience.

Les Grandes Eaux

Duration: 8 minutes

“Les Grandes Eaux” is a captivating water show set to Baroque music. This spectacle on a magnificent lake showcases a stunning display of water fountains and synchronized movements choreographed to enchanting music.

Le Ballet Des Sapeurs

Duration: 8 minutes

A show inspired by the world of musical comedy and silent film.

“The Ballet des Sapeurs” demonstrates the mesmerizing skills of the Firemen’s Ballet. Taking place in a grand square, this delightful performance mixes precision choreography with impressive stunts and comedic elements, leaving the audience in awe and laughter. A unique blend of dance, humour, and daring acts makes “Le Ballet des Sapeurs” an enjoyable experience for all ages.

The show is performed only by pupils from the Puy du Fou Academy.

Le Grand Carillon

Duration: 10 mins

“Le Grand Carillon” is a magical musical show. Standing in front of the majestic tower, the melodies of the bells filled the air, creating a truly immersive experience. We were captivated by the beauty and charm of this timeless tradition as we watched the bell ringers perform with such coordination and skill.

Les Automates Musiciens

Duration: 7 minutes

“Les Automates Musiciens” is an enchanting show that brings mechanical musicians to life. This captivating performance showcases a fascinating collection of automatons playing musical instruments in a charming village. A whimsical and magical experience, “Les Automates Musiciens” celebrates mechanical artistry with precision movements and intricate melodies.

La Renaissance du Chateau

Duration: 30 mins

As you step into the Chateau, a world of wonder awaits. The paintings come to life and talk to you, the mirrors hold a watchful gaze, and the echoes of the past linger in the air.

Each room is a treasure trove, still adorned with the splendours of the Renaissance. The ghosts of history seem to dance in the shadows, inviting you to explore and immerse yourself in the living grandeur of a glorious era.
The Chateau is a real Renaissance palace dating back to 1515.

Its also the famous stage set for Le Cinescienie”, the nighttime show behind the creation of Puy du Fou.

Le Monde Imaginaire De La Fontaine

“Le Monde Imaginaire de La Fontaine” is not just a garden; it’s an incredible wonderland adorned with poetic surprises. Amongst the wild plants, elegant flowers, and twisted trees, over 40 animals gather to breathe life into some twelve timeless or forgotten fables. Puy du Fou’s spectacular special effects enrich the experience, creating a magical tree-lined garden bubbling over with new fables, where surprises await at every turn.

Embark on an extraordinary journey that blurs the line between reality and imagination, immersing you in many thrilling adventures that awaken all your senses!

As you wander through this enchanting garden, nature comes alive, statues stir from their slumber, and a tree talks to you.

The animals bring life to the famous fables, captivating you with their stories. You will be transported to a new world of wonder and surprises when a mysterious fog suddenly appears amidst the spectacle. You are about to embark on an adventure where reality and imagination blend together to create a magical experience.

Explore this luxurious garden at your own pace; nature is the star attraction here!

Accommodation at Puy Du Fou


We stayed on the aire (camper van parking/service area) for two nights while visiting Puy Du Fou.  We were lucky to get a pitch with electricity as not all pitches had electric points.

This area is free of charge during the day and only charged at night.  As of June 2023, it was £13.90 euros from 1 am – 7 am.

There is a water station.

Black and grey waste water emptying station.

A sanitary block

Shuttle service to the entrance of the park (Schedule available on site), although, if I remember rightly they went every half an hour during the day.  After 2100 hours there are no shuttle buses to the park. We walked in both days as its really not very far.

An information point.

Sale of fresh bread in the morning.


Free wifi near the information point.

Address: Puy du Fou – CS 70025 – 85590 Les Epesses, France

Puy du Fou Hotels

There are various accommodations, including lodges.  “La Citadelle” is one of the hotels available at Puy du Fou.  It is a themed hotel inspired by the historical meeting between King Francis I of France and King Henry VIII of England in 1520.

“Le Grand Siecle” is another themed hotel at Puy du Fou.  This hotel is inspired by the opulence and grandeur of the 17th century, offering guests a luxurious and elegant experience reminiscent of that historical period.

There are five themed hotels on site, each representing a different period of history.

In short, the accommodation caters to families with separate bunk areas; each room is themed, making staying at Puy Du Fou an adventure.

The Puy du Fou hotels are known for their immersive experience and attention to detail. Guests often praise the unique atmosphere and ambiance, which transports them back in time to various historical periods.


Another place you may be interested in visiting while you are in the Vendee region is Nantes.  It’s just over an hour’s drive from Puy du Fou and well worth a visit.  Read more here...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Puy du Fou?

Le Puy du Fou is located near Les Epesses in the Vendée (85), Western France.

Address : Puy du Fou : Puy du Fou – CS 70025 – 85590 LES EPESSES, France.

By car, drive from Paris or Angers, follow the A87 motorway, and exit 28 direction “Puy du Fou”.
By train, the Puy du Fou provides a shuttle bus service between the stations from the TGV train station in Angers to the park. From 33,80 € per person (2023 prices – return). Advanced booking is required and subject to availability.

The Puy du Fou is located 1 hour from Nantes Atlantique International Airport and provides a shuttle transfer service between the airport and the park. Advanced booking is required and subject to availability.

How Many Days should I spend at Puy Du Fou?

The ideal number of days to spend at Puy du Fou depends on your interests and how much you want to experience. A two-day visit is often recommended to enjoy most of the shows and attractions and immerse yourself in the park’s ambience. This allows you ample time to explore the different themed areas, watch multiple shows, and fully appreciate the historical reenactments.

However, if you have limited time and want to focus on the highlights, a one-day visit can still offer a memorable experience. Remember that Puy du Fou is a vast and immersive park, so having an extra day allows you to take it all in at a more relaxed pace and make the most of your visit.

When is the best time to visit puy du fou?

Puy du Fou operates from April to November. To determine the best time to visit, consider checking the website for the most current information on opening dates and ticket prices. Carefully choose the time of year that suits your preferences. Factors to consider include weather conditions, as extreme heat during summer might make watching shows uncomfortable, while rain can also affect the experience. Ultimately, the shows at Puy du Fou continue regardless of the weather, ensuring entertainment regardless of the season.  We personally watched a couple of shows in the rain!

What is the Emotion pass at Puy du Fou and is it worth it?

Experience Puy du Fou at its finest with the Pass Emotion, available for an extra €25 (2023 price) per person per day (subject to availability). This exclusive supplement grants you reserved seating in the park’s eight major shows, allowing you to secure your spot up to ten minutes before each show starts. To make the most of your visit, we suggest reserving this pass alongside your ticket purchase or when booking a short break on our official website or by phone at +33 (0) 820 09 10 10 (€0.12 per minute from a landline).

Whether the Emotion pass is worth buying for Puy du Fou depends on the time of year you are visiting and how busy it will likely be.

If you’re visiting the park in August, consider booking Emotion passes as they almost guarantee you a seat, and you can turn up to the shows 10 minutes before they start rather than queueing for an hour which we heard can happen in the busy months.

Is Puy du Fou all in French?

Yes, most shows, performances, and interactions within the park are presented in French. However, the park offers translation services through the Puy du Fou app, allowing visitors to listen to translations of the main shows in different languages, including English. This helps to accommodate international guests and enhance their experience at the park. Most of the time, we just wanted to watch anyway, so don’t be discouraged. We were so immersed in the moment we sometimes forgot that it was in French.

The staff in the park, however spoke very good English.

Are Dogs Allowed on Puy Du Fou?

Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted inside the park for safety reasons. The Puy du Feu is home to more than 1500 animals.  Nevertheless, kennels for dogs are located next to the parking area.  To check availability and make a reservation, please contact the park at +33 (0) 820 09 10 10 10. The dogs must be chipped and have the appropriate documentation.

Are tickets and short breaks at the Puy du Fou refundable?

Neither tickets nor short breaks at Puy du Fou can be refunded, returned, or exchanged.

Are there special rates for Disabled visitors?

If appropriate documentation is presented, visitors with disabilities may qualify for reduced rates.  (A UK blue badge would be accepted).

Is Puy du Fou accessible for Disabled and can you hire wheelchairs/mobility scooters?

All the Puy du Fou and the Cinescenie shows are accessible to people with disabilities.  In the main shows, there are reserved seats and wheelchair spaces.


There are manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters available to rent per day, but booking is recommended as they are subject to availability.

Colporteuse Train

To make your travels within Puy du Fou more convenient, they offer a small train called “Colporteuse” at your disposal. Priority for using this service is given to people with disabilities. The train makes regular stops approximately every 20 to 30 minutes at various stations within the park. Please be aware that electric wheelchairs and pushchairs cannot use this service.

Does Puy Du Fou have lockers?

Puy du Fou provides convenient self-service lockers near the entrances, ensuring the safe storage of your belongings and personal items. There’s no need for prior reservations, and the pricing for this service starts from 6.50 euros. Rest assured, you can enjoy the park’s attractions without worrying about carrying your belongings around.

What is the Puy du Fou mobile App?

Make the most of your visit to Puy du Fou by downloading the free Puy du Fou App from the App Store or Google Play.

This app is designed to help you plan and enhance your experience at the park, complementing the Visitor Guide available at the entrance each day. Foreign visitors will especially benefit from the simultaneous interpretation of the main shows in English, German, Spanish, and Dutch. For more information, click here to explore additional details.

What if it rains or is very hot at Puy du Fou?

,In the event of rain at Puy du Fou, rest assured that all shows are designed to be presented regardless of the weather. Puy du Fou ensure that all their shows continue as scheduled, even during rainy conditions. Moreover, there are several covered venues, including “Mousquetaire de Richelieu,” “Le Mystère de La Pérouse,” “Le Premier Royaume,” “La Renaissance du Château,” “Les Amoureux de Verdun,” “Le Dernier Panache,” and “Le Mime et l’Etoile,”  that are inside therefore, offering shelter from both rain and heat. So, you can still enjoy your visit even if the weather is not ideal.

During hot weather, taking the usual precautions to stay comfortable is essential. If you need to find shelter from the heat at Puy du Fou, their ancient forest is a wonderful place to go. Additionally, you can enjoy the refreshing cool mists produced by the giant sprinklers located in various areas of the park, as well as the shaded spots and air-conditioned auditoriums. These are great options to provide relief from the heat.