This blog has been rewritten. We visited Salamanca in November 2016.

A journey through History, Culture, and Architecture.

Located in Spain’s Castilla y León region, (northwest of Madrid).  The old city of Salamanca beckons travellers with its rich history, architectural wonders, and vibrant cultural scene.

Our journey through Spain and down to Portugal included a stop at Salamanca.  It offers a sensory experience that transports us back in time with its centuries-old university and majestic Plaza Mayor.

A Glimpse into History and Architecture

We found a feast of architectural wonders as we wandered Salamanca’s maze-like streets. The iconic Universidad de Salamanca, founded in 1218, is a testament to the city’s intellectual legacy. Its ornate façade and intricate carvings leave you in awe of the craftsmanship of centuries past. Nearby, the Plaza Mayor, a grand square that has witnessed centuries of gatherings, exudes an atmosphere of grandeur. The baroque-style buildings that surround it showcase the city’s historic elegance.

Salamanca’s air was filled with the enticing aromas of Spanish cuisine. As we strolled through the bustling market, the scent of freshly baked bread mingled with the earthy notes of cured ham reminded us it was time to find somewhere for lunch. Then as we stepped out of the market, an aroma of paella prepared with saffron-infused rice wafted from a restaurant and enticed us to sit at an outside table.

The local white wine before lunch was served was a refreshing and crisp option, perfect for sipping on a warm afternoon taking in the charming ambience of Salamanca and taking in the historical treasures in front of us.

Beware of the little trains in Salamanca city centre – you don’t hear them coming up to you.

As well as the smells, Salamanca’s streets are alive with a symphony of sounds that echo through time. The soft murmur of students chatting in different languages reminded us of the University’s diverse history.

In the background, steady footsteps on cobblestone paths are accompanied by the occasional ringing of church bells. In the evening, the lively chatter of locals at tapas bars merges with the melodies of street musicians, creating a festive and nostalgic ambience.

Unveiling the Best Experiences: What to See and Do in Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain, offers many historical, cultural, and modern experiences. There are a variety of activities available in this city, from centuries-old landmarks to vibrant cultural scenes.

Explore the Universidad de Salamanca

We started our adventure by stepping into the Universidad de Salamanca, one of the oldest universities in Europe. Intricate details embellish its stunning Plateresque façade, telling stories about past scholars and centuries. Don’t miss the Frog Sculpture, a hidden gem that has become a symbol of luck for students.

Explore the historic Plaza Mayor

Stunning baroque architecture adorns the Plaza Mayor, Salamanca’s heart, a breathtaking square. Its arcades are filled with a lively atmosphere, and its cafes offer excellent people-watching opportunities. The plaza hosts various events throughout the year, including markets and cultural celebrations.

Wander through the Old Cathedral and New Cathedral

Discover a dual architectural marvel with Salamanca’s Old Cathedral and New Cathedral. The former blends Romanesque and Gothic styles, while the latter dazzles with late-Gothic and Renaissance influences. Climb to the rooftops for panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Dive into History at Casa Lis Museum

Art enthusiasts will find delight at the Casa Lis Museum, a striking Art Nouveau palace. A stunning collection of decorative arts awaits inside, showcasing glasswork, porcelain, and sculptures from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Walk across Puente Romano

Cross the tranquil Tormes River on Puente Romano, a Roman bridge that has gracefully stood the test of time. Enjoy a leisurely walk while admiring the views of the cityscape and the tranquil waters below.

Discover Anaya Palace and the Clerecía

Admire the elegant Anaya Palace, a neoclassical gem that now houses the Pontifical University. Nearby, the Clerecía complex impresses with its Jesuit church and stunning Baroque façade. Climb its tower for panoramic views of Salamanca’s skyline.

Get a taste of the nightlife and tapas culture.

As the sun sets, Salamanca’s vibrant nightlife comes alive. Join the locals in hopping from one tapas bar to another, savouring delectable small bites that range from classic Spanish to international flavours. It’s a chance to mingle, unwind, and immerse yourself in the city’s social scene.

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Salamanca is more than a city; it’s an immersive experience that engages your senses and captures your feelings. Its sights, smells, and sounds combine to create a tapestry of history, culture, and enchantment.

From ancient universities to lively plazas, the city beckons you to explore its every corner.

It was fun exploring the little shops, listening to the buskers, people-watching, and being part of the lively daily life of this picturesque city.


Camping Regio Cat.1
Ctra Salamanca-Madrid, km4
37900 Sta Marta de Tormes/Salamanca

GPS  40°56’53” N. 5°36’52” W
Tel:  +34 923 138 888

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Bus stop on-site for access to Salamanca (Every hour)

Large site.

Pitches a good size, level with shade.

Swimming Pool.

Supermarket 10 min walk.