Tossa De Mar

We headed for a campsite from our ACSI book in Lloret De Mar but had not noticed that it didn’t open until 1st May. We were not too worried as there are lots of sites around that look open so we decided to take a drive into Tossa De Mar first.  As we drove into town we noticed there were a lot of signs up saying no motorhomes which we felt was unfriendly but we later found out after speaking to the receptionist at our campsite that the reason was that the roads are so narrow.

Campsite at Tossa De Mar click for larger image

Campsite at Tossa De Mar

As we couldn’t get near enough to see the seafront or the town in Rosie we decided to go back along the road where we had noticed a campsite. Now this site again in the ACSI book said it was closed but in fact it was open. The English receptionist said that the owners had decided to try it out this year and stay open after Easter. We are so glad they did. What a site it was absolutely beautiful or stunning probably sums it up better.  We had a walk around to choose our pitch, as there were only two other motorhomes there we had a good choice. The pitch we chose looked down the cliffs to the little bay below.  Campsite Details:  Cala Llevado Camping, ACSI ID 2237

Steps leading down to the beach Click for larger image

Steps leading down to the beach
Click for larger image

Next morning while exploring the campsite we discovered wooden steps leading down to the beach but on the way down we noticed little camping areas in amongst the pine trees for tents. The views from these areas were absolutely fantastic. The photos really don’t do the place justice.  We finally made it down to the beach, although it was really steep. Getting back up was very hard work, my calf muscles ached for days afterwards but it was worth it.

Lunch beside Rosie with the wonderful view Click for larger image

Lunch beside Rosie with the wonderful view
By the time we got back to Rosie the sun was quite hot so instead of going out to Tossa De Mar we decided to just spend a day relaxing and sunbathing.  At lunchtime, we set our table and chairs up near the cliff top looking out over the view and felt so lucky.  Later in the afternoon we skyped and face timed friends and family.

The next day we went into Lloret De Mar but as it was nearly lunchtime, it was a bit late in the day to park because it was so busy.  Instead, we drove on to take a look at Blanes. It was much easier to park in Blanes and we found a car park at the port.  Rosie took up 2 parking spaces and we were concerned we could come back to a parking ticket but then I spotted a parking attendant who was really helpful and who suggested paying 1 euro more so making it 3 euros and signed our ticket for us.some people watching. We ordered 4 dishes between us with bread which was a bit too much really but we managed to eat most of it.  The tapas consisted of crispy squid, white fish in garlic butter, Spicy sausage and a sort of pork goulash.

The next morning Tuesday we moved on further up the coast. It’s funny but it’s hard moving when you’ve been somewhere for a few days you get comfortable in the surroundings. Especially on this site with the stunning views.  We were only planning on travelling 2-3 hours so went into Tossa De Mar first for a few hours.

What can I say about Tossa De Mar We love it and plan to come back and maybe stay in a hotel on the seafront. It’s got everything you could want.  A bit of history of the castle ruins, Lots of lovely shops (not the tacky beach shops you often see in a seaside town). Plenty of nice little Spanish bars and restaurants (none of the typically English bars with big screen TVs playing English tv programmes that can sometimes spoil a place), and the lovely sandy beach.

As we had lunch out the day before we decided to buy bread and cheese and find somewhere to pull over for lunch on the road.  We didn’t have to go far to find a lovely area on the mountain road just outside Tossa.